Can I train online?


Yes, you can. We know that classroom training is the best, but sometimes stuff happens, and a course is cancelled, or you are out of town, or the country, or there is just nothing scheduled for your area.

We offer five courses online at this time with more to come:

  • Human Factors INITIAL and UPDATE

  • Human Factors for anyone doing elementary work

  • QA (573.09)

  • Parts Certification

  • Effective Auditing (tailored to your operation)

Service and Training Support


After we have completed the job, we offer full support by phone or email so that you are comfortable with any changes we have made, and can address concerns and answer questions.


HPA Consultants provide quality training within all areas of aviaiton.....maintenance, manufacturing,

R & O, flight crews, even airports.

We specialize in:


  • Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance INITIAL and UPDATES
  • Human Factors for personnel performing elementary work
  • CARs training
  • Effective Auditing courses
  • QA system setup or revamp
  • MPM creation and updating
  • Independent audits for all operations


Quality aviation maintenance training, in the classroom, and online